In The Loop


In The Loop with Alex, Chris and Zach. The three sons of NY Daily News columnist Mike Lupica and his wife Taylor talk sports, pop-culture and entertainment, the way only brothers raised in a sports crazed family can. It’s the conversation happening in sports bars across the country with three guys who have seen it all first hand. Segments of the podcast include:

  • Sauna – A place for “hot takes” where the Lupica brothers riff about a sports or pop culture figure.
  • The Lupicas Look Back – The boys re-watch and react to a classic sports video and commentate and include video links with the podcast so viewers can watch along with them and re-experience an event from the past in real time.
  • Straight to Voicemail – The brothers take calls from viewers and react to pre-selected calls.
  • Lupica Locks – A quasi-gambling segment during which time the hosts discuss upcoming games and let listeners know who they will be betting on over the weekend.

ABOUT THE LUPICA BROTHERS Hosts Alex, Chris and Zach are the sons of Mike Lupica, the popular NY Daily News columnist and contributor to ESPN’s The Sports Reporters as well as MSNBC’s Morning Joe and columnist for They are three brothers living in New York City, who use sports and pop culture as a medium to communicate with each other and with the wider world.