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Compass Media Networks is an American, audio entertainment network. Founded in 2009 by Peter Kosann, former CEO/President of Westwood One, COMPASS MEDIA NETWORKS broadcasts national audio programming across a network of over 4,000 terrestrial radio stations and emerging digitalaudio platforms for the benefit of its’ distributors, listeners, and national advertisers. 


Compass Media Networks debuted in January 2009 with the mission of providing outstanding representation and marketing services to the best brands and programs in national radio.

Marque programming includes exclusive play-by-play sports such as exclusive national audio coverage of The Big Ten Football Championship, The Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament, Sunday Afternoon NFL Double – including full coverage of The Oakland Raiders’ Radio Networks and the Dallas Cowboys; entertainment programming such as The Big D & Bubba Show, Free Beer & Hot Wings, Uncovered Radio with Dr. Laura Berman; news-talk programming such as This Morning – America’s First News with Gordon Deal, The Market Score Board Report with Ron Insana, The Lars Larson Show, and The Schnitt Show.   

Business Model:

COMPASS MEDIA NETWORKS performs three basic functions:

  • Content Creation & Representation: The company either originally creates and/or secures third-party rights to unique and compelling audio programming (i.e. – sporting events, talk and/or entertainment shows)
  • Broadcast Distribution: The company then secures distribution rights for said content, primarily on terrestrial radio stations as well as emerging digital audio platforms.
  • National Advertisers: The company retains commercial inventory within the content and then markets this commercial inventory to national advertisers.


COMPASS MEDIA NETWORKS broadcast audio programming via 4,000+ terrestrial radio stations and emerging digital audio platforms, including AirKast, iHeartRadio, iTunes, TuneIn, Sirius Satellite Radio, and Stitcher, reaching over 140 million Americans monthly.

Content Summary:

COMPASS MEDIA NETWORKS broadcasts and/or represents over 50 national audio programs as follows:

Entertainment Programming:


At Home with Bob Vila, Airing It Out with Craig James, College Hoops with Jon Rothstein,  The Joe Pags Show, The Lars Larson Show, The Kim Komando Show, The Norman Goldman Show, The Schnitt Show, The Twilight Zone Radio  Drama, This Morning – America’s First News with Gordon Deal, Your Money Now

Play-by-Play Sports:


The company also offers radio affiliates an array of services such as Airkast, a turn-key provider of mobile apps which enables over 1,000 radio stations to stream their over-the-air-terrestrial radio signals onto mobile devices, and SPECbyte, a provider of customized spec-spots which enables radio stations to offer local sponsors unique, creditable, and economical commercial creative. 

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